La’Lina = design, quality and nature

La‘ Lina values are baby, love, peace, mom and nature.

Why the nature and natural products?

The nature is a creator and a guardian for all living. Secrets, that the nature has been able to disclose, have made a new life. More than just a few of our great-grandmothers knew about the natural healing power and energy sources and were able to keep this intuitive connection with the nature and nurtured their children and grandchildren in accordance with this.

We take care so that you and your baby could feel a healing power of the nature and this connection would be inherited through generations.

La`Lina produce natural, environmental friendly and healthy products for children and mother. Products approved and recommended by physicians and physiotherapists.
La`Lina = elegant design, high quality, lifestyle: nature + eco-health + elegance of design + quality.

„La`Lina” is creating nature product with raw materials like, wool, straw, linen, cotton, silk, biological buckwheat husk.

La’Lina invites also you, young, beautiful and active city women, “bring” into your home mysterious energy, harmony and special fragrance of the nature and give it to your babies.