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Baby mattress

La’Lina’s baby mattress is completely natural product. The mattress filling consists with coco fiber, horse Hair, Seaweed, linen or wool layer in thickness of 5 – 10cm, and it is coated with sheep’s wool from one side and linen Felt from another and stitched with the linen cover.

You can choose three types of mattresses:

1) Horsehair filling and from one side wool fiber to provide winter layer, on the other side linen, providing a summer layer. Mattress is stitched with the linen cover.

Horse hair is the finest and highest quality mattress fill material available.

Horse hair mattresses are one of the only types of mattresses that never decay and they actually repel mites. They are completely hypoallergenic.

Horse hair is one of the few natural materials that is comfortable to sleep on and doesn’t absorb any water. When you have enough curled horse hair in a pile with springs and surrounded by breathable fabric, it creates a springy cloud that allows air and moisture to move right through it. It allows you’r baby sleep continuously without being disturbed by  body’s normal temperature changes and perspiration.  A horse hair mattress will wick the moisture away from the bed.

Horsehair mattresses is most exclusive product, which we can provide for your baby.

2)The inside of the mattress is filled with a coco fiber, seaweed and from one side sheep’s wool, from another linen  - for a blessing in summer and winter. Mattress is stitched with the linen cover.

It’s nice and firm, but soft enough to be comfortable.  Seagrass is preferable stuffing of baby
mattresses.  Our mattresses never will shock you with unpleasant chemical smell, because we don’t use any glues.


The merits of the mattress:

  • Baby mattress has good thermoregulatory features: providing a warm, when it’s cold and preventing baby’s body from sweating when is hot.
  • From the very birth for the baby the best are natural materials ¬– coco fiber, horsehair, linen, sheep wool, as they breathe and allow the body cells to get the oxygen.
  • Fleece coating is providing the baby’s joints and muscles with continuous gentle warm and effect of micro-massage, which is improving blood circulation, and wool layer is also purely practical since it is absorbing the moisture.

Dimensions of the mattress: in length 120 cm, in width 60 cm, with total height in 8 cm.