Baby pouf

La’Lina has created a special and interesting sitting cushion or Pouf for children in age starting from 7–8 months up to 5 years old, which is filled with buckwheat hulls repeatedly refined from the hull’s flour and allergen-free. Hulls are from an organic farm in Latvia.

Baby Pouf was tested by Latvian physiotherapists and they have found it health-contributing, and stimulating the child development.

The merits of the Pouf:

  • Buckwheat hulls keep their structure for a long time and ensure the free circulation of air, so the baby’s body does not sweat. Natural filling provides additional warm in winter and chill in summer.
  • Pouf’s irregular shapes, colors and the rustle of buckwheat hulls is stimulating child development. Sitting cushion allows the development of child motor skills – starting with roll on it, then sitting down and climbing, and taking a variety of postures, as well as in the development of imagination.
  • In everyday use, Pouf is also a great place where your child can sit down to put on socks or read a book. Buckwheat hulls could be easily fluffed to form the Pouf adaptable and comfortable for the child to sit down on it. Due to hulls Pouf forms more accurate bed, thus providing the proper position for back.
  • Since Pouf can not turn over, also restless kids could feel safe on it.

Pouf’s dimensions: height – 20 cm, diameter – 40 cm, and weight – 3.3 kilograms.