wool cotton

Baby blanket / baby wrap

Swaddling is the age-old practice of snugly wrapping your baby in a blanket for security and warmth. LaLina baby wrap is great for calming newborns and it approximates the secure environment of the womb. It can also help babies sleep longer.
You can use it from child birth till age 4-5.
LaLina cotton/woolen baby wraps/blankets are best for babies because the fabric is cotton from inside and natural wool from outside. You can also be sure that the production of LaLina babys wrap did not hurt the environment. It is Earth-friendly comfort.

Best about LaLina ecobaby wrap: 

  • Wrapping of babies keeps them warm in the winter and it recreates the feeling of cosiness that they still remember from their mother’s belly. This has a calming impact on the baby.
  • Wool provides the soft warmth to children’s joints and muscle and permanent micro-massage effect, which improves blood circulation, as well as from practical point of view the wool fibers are absorbing moisture.
  • The wrapping the baby is limited in its movements. Uncontrolled movements are therefore prevented. The tightness gives the baby a feeling of taken care of and calms the baby down. The baby can therefore easily fall asleep.


LaLina baby wrap/blanket is recommended for wash in cool water up to 30 degrees by hand or washing machine in hand mode.

Size: 110 x 110 cm

One size fits all.