Kid’s Toy boxes

Montesorri arrangement – each thing has its own place
System and consistency are important for a child as it makes a system in his/her mind.

Carton boxes for things – a house is creative way how a child when playing can learn and find the place for each thing. This is creative way how a child can arrange his/her own room.
Boxes for things are stringed together so children can learn new skills – to unbind and to bind fast, as well as when using fingers to develop motility of small fingers related to head brain centers which are responsible for the language and thinking.
Figures are all around us – help to acquire them for your child. Each box for things has its own form, cycle, square and triangle. Each time when a child takes out or puts a thing into a box you can name a form to a child and associate it with those in the nature, sun is round and round form is also here, roof of a house is triangle and triangle is here, a house itself is a square and square is here, so that a child can understand existence of forms also in the nature.
Things have to be grouped in a way understandable for a child, groups can be different: soft things, dolls, cars, blocks teddy bears. It should be discussed with a child on which floor would live things of a certain group and to which figure it relates.
Taking out and putting things into a box is an interesting process as for each box taking out things has different method – for one box it is little box, for another box – a roof, for another box – a cross-cut can be open. It is wonderful and interesting game for a child to put things into a box and then to take them out.