La’lina Sling

Sling looks like long rectangular scarf 70 cm in width, and in length from 420 cm to 500 cm, which can be used by moms and dads for easy carrying (“binding”) the baby.

Sling’s length can be chosen depending on the mom’s or dad’s height, body composition, and personal preferences.

Sling’s making materials

La’Lina offers wool slings of professional woven. Slings are woven using special diagonal weaving technique with cross texture that ensures sling’s stretching diagonally as much as needed. Thus, sling is fully covering baby’s body, and guarantees its proper position.

Woven sling can be used from the baby’s birth, and it is especially suitable for heavy children. The baby can be carried using the sling up to three years of age.

Sling’s care


Wool fabric well keeps warm and don’t crease. To iron La’Lina Sling just sprinkle it with water and hang. Slings can be washed by hand using wool detergent. It is not recommended to soak. After washing, dry the sling by wrapping it in terry towel. Shall be dried on a smooth flat surface. In washing machine, slings shall be washed in wool mode, the maximum temperature – 30 Celsius degrees.

Positive features of sling

  • There are many sling carrying positions. It can be used while carrying the baby lying, upright on the abdomen, on the back, and on the hip.
  • Sling’s fabric is woven with a special structure enabling good hold the heavy children.
  • Wool fabric slings provide extra warmth in the winter, while in summer sling fabric does not let to sweat the baby’s body.
  • In addition, wool also provides constant gentle warmth and micro-massage effects on the child’s joints and muscles, improving blood circulation.


Width – 70 cm, length from 420 cm to 500 cm.


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