organic cotton

La’Lina clothing

Latvian company Ltd „La`Lina” offer the best from Mother Nature to our children. Ltd „La`Lina” offer natural, environmental friendly and healthy products for children.

La`Lina offer elegant design, high quality, lifestyle products: nature + eco-health + elegance of design + quality.

La`Lina offer organic cotton baby clothes.

Why organic cotton

Organic fibres are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or toxic pesticides. Organic fibers don`t contain allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemical residues from them. Tests on conventional clothing have revealed traces of pesticides, fire retardants, formaldehyde and toxic dyestuffs. These residues can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin and may cause allergies, skin rashes or respiratory problems. Babies are particularly vulnerable as their skin is much thinner than adults.

La’Lina offers three clothing lines for babies:

Grapebaby collection
Flowerbaby collection
Applebaby collection.