Linen bedclothes for children

La’Lina linen bedclothes can be used by children from their birth. For centuries, linen bedclothes are considered as the best for a healthy and undisturbed sleep. La`Lina bedclothes are perfectly suitable for La`Lina Wool Blanket.

Linen bedclothes composition

La’Lina linen bedclothes are made from 100% pure linen which is especially suitable for babies from a birth. La`Lina bedclothes are designed specifically for Your baby.

Positive features of linen bedclothes

Bedclothes are made of linen, which is gentle for baby’s skin.

Linen bedclothes are particularly suitable for hot weather since retain the freshness and coolness, therefore the baby’s body don’t sweat providing healthy and quality sleep.

Linen fabric is resistant to bacteria and does not cause allergic reactions, and it is particularly suitable for sensitive baby’s skin.

Linen bedclothes are durable and have a long life.

For centuries, linen fabric represents light, purity and prosperity.


La`lina bedclothes shall be washed by hand using special detergent, the maximum water temperature – 30 Celsius degrees.

Complete set

1 cover-sheet 100cm X 70cm, 1 sheet 140cm X 120cm, 1 pillowcase 52cm X 48cm