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Developmental breastfeeding pillow with buckwheat hulls

A special breastfeeding shaped pillow, which is recommended by pediatricians for both mothers during pregnancy, and babies during the first months of life.

La’Lina’s developmental breastfeeding pillow with buckwheat hulls and the toy is a natural product, in particular useful for the baby’s growth, as found in tests made by several child therapists.

Breastfeeding pillow is filled with buckwheat hulls – 100% natural material – repeatedly refined from the hull’s flour and allergen-free. Hulls used in pillow are from an organic farm in Latvia.

Size: Length: 62 cm, Width: 44c m, Height:11cm. Toy size: 10×8 cm, Weight: 2,4 kg

The care for breastfeeding pillow:

Breastfeeding pillow has two shells: external and internal. Inner shell is composed of 100% cotton, and outer from 100% linen fabric with additional embedded invisible zipper. Therefore, the outer shell is easily removable and washable both by hand, and by washing machine Gentle Cycle (at 30° C).

The merits of breastfeeding pillow:

  • Breastfeeding pillows with buckwheat hulls are rather slightly heavier, than with the other fillings, but they are  natural and comfortable. Hulls could be fluffed easily and form the shape which is fitted and comfortable for baby’s body and mother’s figure.
  • The natural filling of buckwheat hulls and linen shell are also providing with additional warm in winter and chill in summer.
  • We have made an additional pocket in breastfeeding pillow, where inside is hidden small hand-made toy made from natural materials. This toy is providing assistance in the development of baby’s sense of touch, color, and smell.
  • Due to linen shell, baby’s blood circulation, muscles and neural systems are stimulated positively, because linen has massaging properties also.


How to use LaLina pillow:

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