linen wool

La’Lina pillow stuffed with wool

La’Lina pillow stuffed with wool is used for children from the age of one year. The pillow has very little lift, in order to ensure child’s comfort and ergonomically correct position for the head, thus providing the correct curvature of the spine while child is sleeping.

Composition and origin of the pillow
La’Lina pillow has Latvian origin, and it is filled with natural sheep wool, a cover is made of natural linen, and materials don’t contain any substances synthetic or harmful to the child.

Positive features of the pillow stuffed with wool

  • The pillow has good thermoregulatory ability, regardless of external circumstances, and wool is maintaining the temperature in conformity with child’s temperature fluctuations, thereby the pillow will not cause sweating and overheating of the child’s head.
  • The thermoregulation in child’s body starts to stabilize only at the age of three years, therefore the pillow stuffed with wool is very suitable when the temperature of the body is changing or the baby is ill, especially when the head is hot, wool is absorbing a sweat and don’t let it return to the body, thus the baby’s head is staying dry, and the sleep is comfortable.
  • The pillow has good air circulation supporting the child’s head to get the oxygen, thus ensuring the quality of sleep.
  • The height of the pillow is appropriate for the child’s head and neck, and it is providing proper ergonomic development of the spine during whole period of the baby’s sleep.
  • The pillow is created using only natural materials and is intended especially for the child, it is recommended for use along with La’Lina design bedding linen.

The pillow stuffed with wool is recommended to wash by hand in cool water, using wool detergents provided for that purpose or it can be dry cleaned.

Dimensions of the pillow: 38 cm X 40 cm