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La’linа children woolen blanket with silk edging

La’lina children woolen blanket with silk edging could be used from child’s birth, in order to cover and enwrap the baby, or laying it on any surface where you want the baby lay down.
Woolen blanket is the best choice from child’s birth providing a healthy and restful sleep. The main feature of wool creating comfort for the child is its ability to ensure proper thermotaxis, and thus, in contrast to synthetic materials, protecting the baby from overheating, which can be dangerous for infants.
La’lina woolen blanket is woven in Latvia using 100% natural wool. Suitable for children from the moment of birth. Woolen blanket edges finished with special silk edging.

Size: 70X100 cm

Care for Woolen Blanket:
Woolen Blanket have been woven from 100% wool with soft silk edging of 100% silk. Recommended for wash in cool water by hands using detergent designed for wool.

Positive features of woolen blanket:

  • Woolen blanket has a thermoregulation of good quality providing with nice warm when it’s cold, and preventing from sweat when it’s hot.
  • Woolen blanket provides warming to maintain the child’s body temperature and hold it, regardless of external circumstances, what is of high importance, considering that the full-term child during the first months of the life has poor thermoregulation, and complete lack of the thermoregulation of premature babies during the first month, so this adaptability is providing babies with always comfortable temperature.
  • Woolen blanket has good air circulation, thus helping the body cells to get oxygen.
  • Woolen blanket has good self-cleaning ability, and therefore requires rather less frequent washing than other materials.
  • Woolen blanket is ecologic, breathable, and warm baby blanket providing your baby with nice and restful sleep.
  • Woolen blanket is characterized by special 100% silk edging which assists the development of fine motor skills, when the child through his fingers feels the difference between silk edging and wool, thus contributing to the further development of speech and thought.
  • When touching the structure of the wool, the massage is made on child’s fingers, which are directly connected to the active points concentrated in the brain responsible for speech and thoughts.