Woolen upper mattress for the crib

La’lina Woolen upper mattress is woven in Latvia using natural wool. Suitable for children from the moment of birth. On every corner of the mattress is attached elastic rubber, in order the upper mattress is firmly adhered to the main mattress. Upper mattress is providing your child with the proper temperature control very important for sweet dreams. It is warming when it’s cold, and refreshing when it’s hot by absorbing excess moisture from the child.
Woolen upper mattress is particulary indispensable for active parents when traveling, due to space-saving and serving as a lining for a travel cot, in order to flatten wavy travel cot foam mattress and make it suitable for sleeping.
When the baby refuses to sleep in his crib, because the mattress starts to seem too harsh, while the parental bed is soft enough, in this case La’lina Woolen upper mattress can help your baby sleep in his own bed, as it provides proper flexibility for the crib.

Positive features of the mattress:

  • Woolen upper mattress is establishing a layer of fleece between the mattress and the child, thus providing better air circulation.
  • Good thermoregulatory abilities of the wool providing with nice warm when it’s cold, and preventing to sweat when it’s hot.
  • Wool provides the soft warmth to children’s joints and muscle and permanent micro-massage effect, which improves blood circulation, as well as from practical point of view the wool fibers are absorbing moisture.

Woolen upper mattress is recommended for wash in cool water up to 30 degrees by hand or washin machine in hand mode.

Dimensions of the mattress:
120 x 60 cm, height: ~ 2cm.
Consists 80%wool, 20% cotton.